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RE-Organize Data Files


I'd like to break the classes file (ddi_classes.user) into individual Class.[NameOfClass].user files. After that I'd like to move the class powers into the individual class files. In the cases where multiple classes can use the same powers, we should put the powers into the oldest class that uses them. In the case of two classes with huge overlap (such as the essentials classes/hybrids), they should be combined with the real version of their class. For example Class.Wizard.user would be the class file for the big boy Wizard (Arcanist) as well as the "My first wizard" (Mage/Mage Renegade Red) and the Hybrid Wizard, followed by all of the wizard powers.

Splitting the powers and classes into specific class files will make it easier to fix problems that might arise with a particular class if all of the parts of that class are in one file, instead of across two, and any problem/improvement with one class is reasonably likely to affect its variations. Fixing a problem or adding a feature to a class then will only take a single file to distribute the permanent fix, rather than a specific .user file that will then need to merge back into the regular files later. More work for no additional benefit.