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Many magic items with powers don't have a "Power"


A lot of the items in the ddi_items.user file have powers that are granted to the player, but don't have an actual power to attach to the player. It's not the end of the world because they all have the "power" in them, but it would be better if it listed the power as such to keep track of the actual power.

To make this easier, someone needs to go through the ddi_items and break it up. I'd propose making a single file for each of the slots of magic items. Then someone needs to go through and either track every item ID that has a power but no "Power" or they need to split the file into ddi-<slot>-needfix.user and ddi-<slot>-correct.user. Either way will be very tedious, but splitting them into two files will at least make fixing them easier and less likely to miss one.