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Our fixes


Here's the files containing the fixes our group has implemented in the past year (plus dracusmage's fix for Masterwork Armor, which we immediately adopted). All the fixes are in modifications of the original files, except for SchlrTheme.1st which is required to make the fixed Scholar Theme work.

Here is a not necessarily complete list of what we worked on (sorry, when we started this we didn't actually expect that anyone else would be working on the 4e files). 4e has the files we are using,.


Advantageous Formation
Ankle Biter
Archery Mastery
Arkahosian High Style
Armor Proficiency: Barbed Shield (Now Shield Proficiency)
Armor Proficiency: Full Plate
Armor Proficiency: Ring Mail
Armor Proficiency: Scale Mail
Armor Proficiency: Spike Plate
Armor Proficiency: Splint Mail
Armor Proficiency: Splinted Leather
Axe Strike
Beguiling Torment
Beast Rider
Cleanse the Madness
Concealed Conspirators
Crow's Flight
Darkfire Targeting
Defender's Friend
Disrupting Shove
Drag to Death
Escalating Assault
Expanded Excision
Expert Charioteer
Fey Cantrip
Fey Shift
Feyborn Charm
Feywild Advance
Firepulse Master
Flail Strike
Flailing Claws
Flash of the Blade
Fluid Form Schooling
Fluttering Leaf Style
Focused Talent
Get in Your Head
Ghostly Voyage
Gift of the Trees
Githzerai Beast Mastery
Glasya's Rebuke
Go With the Flow
Goblin Feint
Goring Boar
Grasping Ensnarement
Grave Dust Advantage
Grave Dust Assassin
Grave Flurry
Grave Fortune
Greater Divine Fortune
Greater Turning
Group in Motion
Grudge Style
Guarenteed Retribution
Guardian's Mark
Guardian's Mishap
Mark of Scribing
Untiring Virtue
Winterkin Heritage


Amulet of Life
Dragon Breath
ESP Medallion
Mind Thrust
Stinging Weapon


Scholar (this one is mostly fixed, but not entirely, because of the way languages are handled)


Amulet of Life
ESP Medallion
Fey Step Potion
Goggles of Night
Potion of Clarity
Potion of Spectral Form
Starlight Goggles, and other Items that give Low-light Vision
Stinging Weapon
Weapon of Accuracy

Armors that give Resistances





​The following are things that are usually partially addressed; i.e. there were more than one problem which we handled some, but not all of them:


Binding Mastery
Creation Mastery
Deception Mastery
Divination Mastery


Emerald Shield
Force Spheres​

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DracusMage wrote Mar 8 at 7:16 PM

Thank you for these. I'll do some testing and get them integrated into the next update.