Project Description
A place to maintain the Hero Lab 4e files and documentation to keep issues, fixes, and improvements organized.

This is a place for us to keep slightly better track of issues and fixes for the 4e character generation files. Currently if you make many fixes to the files, you will get a large number of .user files. If they get rolled into the main distribution then you have to cull your files - and hope you don't get rid of a file that has more fixes than got rolled in. Additionally because entire system versioning takes so much time, many end users will also build up a collection of .user files, which can add confusion and errors in the case of a feat/power/item that didn't exist before.

Putting all fixes into this system will make sure that it's easier to compile a new version of the source files without too much extra work. Additionally issue tracking can be tied directly to fixes so anyone trying to find a solution can see easily if it's been added into a release or if there is a one-off patch for it.

The backend of this tracker is Git. I don't like it as much as Subversion, but the things that Subversion is much better at (such as history/snapshot tracking when changing names/moving files) doesn't matter that much for something with such low stakes. Further for 99% of the people who will look at this, they won't care. And around 42% of that remaining 1% thinks Git is the bee's knees. Codeplex has better support for Git and I doubt more than a couple people will ever actually use the Git backend anyway, so I've already spent more time thinking about it than any other person ever will, especially on average. In fact I'm guessing almost no one will read this far, and if they do, this will be the last time they think about the backend at all. Except if it goes wrong.

I'm re-adding this link to the description because I might want to look at it again, and I don't have a better place to save it right now. Project Startup Guide.

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